Student Academy

ISTC Student Academy is created for all those students who are ready to acquire knowledge of modern sciences.

Students from all Armenian universities can take part in this program.

Within the framework of the project, we organize 2 different courses, technological and business.

Techno Group students learn advanced programming sessions, such as Python, JavaScript, Cyber ​​Security, Machine Learning, etc., which will help them to create programs by themselves and organize security for that programs.

Business Group students are studying programs included in the IBM Academic Initiative: Data Modelling with SPSS, Business Process Management (BPM), which will give them a great advantage in finding a job. Besides these students will also learn Social Media Marketing.

The program also provides Entrepreneurship training for both business and techno group students. As a result, the emerging teams already having knowledge of techno/business best models generate their startup idea, and if it succeeds, they can get an opportunity to be accelerated by ISTC Accelerator..

So all those students who pass the techno/business course receive relevant qualification certificates.

If you want to inquire modern science and be able to correctly orientate in today's reality with having technological or business knowledge and entrepreneurial abilities, please click on Apply now and tell us a little about you.